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Whether you’ve got a green thumb, or can’t seem to keep the aloe alive, Decoded Plants is for you. Our experts can help you keep your garden thriving, no matter your zone – with gardening, it’s all about the details. What’s your soil’s ph? How much water does the plant need? How much exposure to the sun? Learning about the needs of your favorite plants will get your garden growing in the right direction.
Interested in wild edibles? Want to learn more about your area’s ecological niches? We’ve got that covered as well! Some of the most interesting plants are those you’ll only find in a forest or even jungle!

Write for Decoded Plants

We are looking for experts in any plant-related field – with a degree, certification, job experience, or other tangible qualification. Whether you’re a master gardener, a horticulturist, a botanist, ecologist, or a florist – you have insight into plants that no one else does, so  join our team and share your expertise with the world!

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